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Flight Delay compensation – Ryanair – What are your rights?

If your journey has been disrupted you can claim if your flight has been:

Cancelled; or
Denied Boarding.

You may be entitled to claim compensation.

See our full explanation regarding your rights here

However, obtaining flight delay compensation from Ryanair can sometimes be an awkward process.

Flight Delay compensation – Ryanair – How to start a claim 

When you book and take a flight with them, you agree to their General terms and conditions.
These Terms and conditions state that you must make a claim yourself against the Airline. The terms also say that you must apply directly to them.
Below is a snippet of The terms and conditions. These were correct as of 29/08/2019
15.2 Compensation claims under EU Regulation 261/2004
15.2.1 This Article applies to claims for compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004.
15.2.2 Passengers must submit claims directly to Ryanair and allow Ryanair 14 days or such time as prescribed by applicable law (whichever is the lesser) to respond directly to them before engaging third parties to claim on their behalf. Claims may be submitted here. If Ryanair fails to respond within the time prescribed, or passengers are unhappy with Ryanair’s response, passengers may engage third parties to claim / receive payment on their behalf.
15.2.3 In order to protect its customers and maintain a good relationship with them, in cases where the passenger has not complied with clause 15.2.2, Ryanair will only process claims submitted by a third party if the claim includes the passenger’s contact and payment details to enable Ryanair to make payment directly to the passenger.
15.2.4 Articles 15.2.2 and 15.2.3 above will not apply to passengers who do not have the capacity to submit claims themselves. The legal guardian of a passenger who lacks capacity may submit a claim to Ryanair on their behalf. Ryanair may request evidence that the legal guardian has authority to submit a claim on the passenger’s behalf.
15.2.5 A passenger may submit a claim to Ryanair on behalf of other passengers on the same booking. Ryanair may request evidence that the passenger has the consent of other passengers on the booking to submit a claim on their behalf.
15.2.6 In any event, save for Article 15.2.4 and 15.2.5 above, Ryanair will not process claims submitted by a third party unless the claim is accompanied by appropriate documentation duly evidencing the authority of the third party to act on behalf of the passenger.
15.2.7 Passengers are not prohibited by this clause from consulting legal or other third party advisers before submitting their claim directly to Ryanair.
15.2.8 In accordance with Ryanair’s procedures, and subject to clause 15.2.2, any payment or refund will be made to the payment card used to make the booking or to the bank account of a passenger on the booking. Ryanair may request evidence that the bank account is held by the passenger concerned.
15.2.9 – Article 15.4 shall not apply regarding any claim under EU Regulation 261/2004 where you are in compliance with Articles 15.2.1 to 15.2.7 of these Terms & Conditions of Carriage.

Flight Delay compensation – Ryanair

In case you missed it

The Link to Ryanair’s website claim for is hidden within the terms and conditions. To get the you can click the button below to go to their website and submikt your claim

Go to Ryanairs Website claim form

Flight Delay compensation – Ryanair – What to do next?

After submitting your claim to Ryanair you will need to wait 14 days. 

You will either received a response advising they will pay your claim, or they will deny your claim. You may not receive a response at all. 

If you would like to store our details so you can contact us on a later date please use the form below and we will email you our contact details. This way if you need any help you you can contact us directly. 

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