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Global Talent Visa

Global Talent Visa Solicitors: Ensure Your Application Meets All
Necessary Requirements

There are dozens of strict UK Global Talent Visa requirements. The category is extremely competitive and includes a lengthy and complex application process. So if you want your application to stand out, you’ll want peace of mind you have the very best advice from a team of trusted immigration lawyers.

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What is a Global Talent Visa?

The Global Talent visa is a UK immigration category for talented and promising people in specific sectors such as sciences, the humanities, engineering, the arts, and technology. The Global Talent visa replaced the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa category in February 2020. The Global Talent visa is an immigration category that leads to settlement after three years if you have been considered under the Exceptional Talent category or five years if you have been considered as an Exceptional Promise candidate.

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Suppose you are applying for a Global Talent Visa endorsement in science, engineering, medicine, social science, humanities, or other academic roles and research. In that case, the Home Office will forward your application to the Royal Society, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the Royal Academy of Engineering, or the British Academy. One of these endorsing bodies will then decide to endorse you based on your profile and the evidence you provide.

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