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The FMS Business Directory

We are always looking to support local Businesses and Communities as much as we possibly can. We work closely with local marketing and media company called Five Minutes Spare, and when they told us about the projects they are working on for Cumbrian Communities and Businesses we just had to share them with you.

Five Minutes Spare are working hard on building solutions for both Businesses and Communities to help with communication, fundraising and general development.

One of these projects is a Cumbria Business Directory. Accross most areas of cumbria there are multiple directories all of which are at varying levels of quality, but many of them are out of date.

Five Minutes spare have created a Business Directory that is run by the local bussinesses and community leaders, therefore ensuring that the business directory is relevant and up to date.

They are working on creating a solution for each City, Town and Villiage in Cumbria. They have completed the framework for Penrith and are looking for Businesses to trial the Directory for a three month period.

To check it out please go to thier Business Directory Page

When adding your Business you will be asked to select your payment plan;

  • £10 for one month
  • £29.99 for three months
  • £100 for 1 year

If you select the £29.99 for three months and use the discount code FMSPENRITH you will be able to create your listing for free.

We have created ours check it out

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