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How to make a claim for Flight Delay Compensation

When Can You Make A Flight Delay Compensation Claim?

In order to claim compensation for a flight delay you first need to fit into the scope of the regulation.

The above questionnaire can guide you through this process. However, below, we will take you through the rules.

What are the criteria for flight delay compensation?

The criteria for Flight delay compensation is covered within Regulation 261/2001.

Article 3 – Titled Scope States that;

1. The passenger must be departing from a from an airport located within the territory of a member state covered by the regulation. Or;

2. The passenger must be departing from an airport outside of the territory and flying with a community carrier.

3. The passenger must have a confirmed reservation on the flight.

4. The passenger must have presented themselves for Check-in when stipulated by the airline. If no check-in time specified by the airline, then the passenger must check-in 45 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.

5. If the passenger has travelled free of charge, then they will not be covered by the regulation unless they have travelled free of charge by utilising their rewards from a frequent flyer programme.

6. If the passenger has travelled at a reduced price that is not available directly or indirectly to the public, such as airline staff discounts, the regulation for delayed flight compensation will not apply.

7. The passenger must by travelling by motorised fixed-wing aircraft.

As long as you fit these categories, you will be covered by the regulation. However, this does not necessarily
mean that you will be entitled to delayed flight compensation.

Contacting The Airline About Your Flight Delay Compensation Claim

Some airlines do make the process easier than others. These airlines have created an online form for you to complete in order to make a claim for Flight delay Compensation.

To Start Your Flight Delay Compensation Claim select the airline that applies to you.

If you Airline that you would like to contact does not appear above then you make need to write to them directly.

If you complete the form below we will email you the content of the letter that you need to send to the airline.

What next?

Once you have sent the claim to the airline they will have 28 days to respond from the date of your letter.

They will do one of three things;

  • Pay the claim
  • Deny your claim
  • Not respond

If the airline denies your claim please see our page explaining extraordinary circumstances

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If you would rather instruct us to act on your behalf please visit our claim page to submit a claim